'In-house' courses at a glance

We design and deliver bespoke programs for our clients that fully reflect your specific context and desired outcomes.  
Clients value our flexibility and genuine interest in adapting the learning environment to their particular needs.
Here is a selection of our more frequently requested core course designs.
We have also put together our "how to choose" guide to assist. 

Negotiation Course

Discover the strategies, skills and tools needed for ferreting out value and claiming it for your organisation. This negotiation course is designed around a series of exercises that build in intensity and scope, each one relevant to the task of making deals with external parties.

Stakeholder Engagement Course

Develop a practical toolkit of stakeholder engagement strategies, skills and tools that expand your options when engaging with stakeholders, whether they be internal or external.

Strategy Execution

Our successful strategy execution program brings together the best thinking around Strategy Mapping and Balanced Scorecard with the targeted development of practical 'soft' skills including negotiation and influence.