Loved Lisa’s enthusiasm and engaging style
— Group General Manager - Contracting

Negotiating Deals Course

"Create and claim optimal value with our negotiation course"


Discover the strategies, skills and tools needed for ferreting out value and claiming it for your organisation. This negotiation course is designed around a series of exercises that build in intensity and scope, each one relevant to the task of making deals with external parties.  During this negotiations skills course, participants will also discover their negotiation 'hot buttons' and explore strategies on how to manage them.

Is this for me?

People with the following job titles have benefited from this course:

  • Sales manager / sales staff
  • Staff responsible for purchasing
  • Procurement Managers
  • Contract Managers

Key Content and Take aways

  • Mutual gain (creating value)
  • Decision making
  • Influencing decision makers
  • Power
  • Responding to conflict and tactics
  • Agreement resolution
  • Individual case study - coaching


  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • Two day negotiation course
  • Post course Action Learning Project

Like more information?

We would be happy to discuss our negotiation skills training approach with you and how it might best assist your organisation.  Request Lisa or John to give you a call.