The toilet block project for Bandung primary school is almost finished!

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Water for villages

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like having to collect the water you use for your shower every day?

  • How long do you think it would take if it meant walking 300 metres down the side of a mountain?

  • What if you had three children as well?

The Directors at Negotiation Education Australia actively support a dedicated group of community development workers from the NGO "Pesat" in Bandung, Indonesia in changing this situation for villages in the around the city.

Our project leaders work WITH communities who want to improve their water access.

We help these communities by loaning money and know how for:

  • The capital costs of capping clean spring water and pumping it to a holding tank at the top of the village. We also fund the laying of pipes to each house and installation of small holding tanks for each family.

  • The village community does most of the work with the support and guidance of a Project Manager and engineering technical support.

The villagers then collect very small payments to repay the loan which is then used to fund new projects.

Would you like to help?

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