Why learn with NEA?    

Our experience

Few organisations have the street credibility offered by Negotiation Education Australia. The Directors have:

  • Taught negotiation, influencing and decision making for a combined 45 years at Australia’s most respected executive education provider, Mt Eliza Executive Education(Melbourne Business School).
  • Designed and run negotiation courses for all levels of organisational players, with each design customised to the needs and level of participants and their organisation.
  • Designed and run negotiation and decision making courses for intact executive teams, functional departments and groups of decision makers.
  • Average feedback rating from participants on our programs is 6.5 out of a possible 7.
  • Managed the logistical rollout of multiple courses over multiple locations within Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

our teaching philosophy

Our tried and tested approach uses experiential activities to create behavioural change. The course design and delivery methodology we have developed at Negotiation Education Australia draws on our collective background in negotiation training and stakeholder engagement courses with Mt Eliza Executive Education (Melbourne Business School); and the vast, and growing domain of negotiation academia, best represented by the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Participants on our programs are immersed in practical and engaging exercises that simulate real and relevant negotiation and stakeholder engagement situations. Learnings are debriefed using world class frameworks that make practical sense and are immediately implementable.

Depending upon the course, these ‘exercises’ may be focused on:

  • Interpersonal work negotiations
  • Procurement or stakeholder negotiations
  • Two party or complex multi-party negotiations
  • Managerial, dispute or conflict focused or staff focused negotiations
  • Decision making, two, three and multi party.

We also use selected psychometric and behavioural feedback instruments as part of our courses to complement and deepen participants understanding about the ways in which they contribute to and/or hinder the success of their negotiations.

Multi-site delivery

Our clients often operate multiple sites across states or countries that require the simultaneous delivery but with a consistent internal message. We have the proven capability to deliver for these clients using our reliable, scalable course delivery systems.

We match course delivery with the priorities of the organisation. Our approach ensures that a consistent language and framework around negotiation is agreed and delivered no matter where the program is delivered or who is involved.  Behind the scenes, our course management and logistical systems ensure seamless delivery whenever and wherever our clients decide.

Our base

Our operation is based out of Melbourne Australia but we travel as needed to work with our clients.  Recent work has taken us around Australia and New Zealand as well as Fiji and Indonesia.

Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 230
McCrae, 3938 Victoria

Excellent material. Relaxed inclusive style of presentation
— Group Manager Corporate Services